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Integrated Turbine & Compressor Control (ITCC)

The TSxPlus is a Safety-Related Programmable Electronic System that provides a high level of system fault tolerance by means of Triple-modular Redundant (TMR) architecture.

The TSxPlus can be used for Turbomachinery Controls. At China Automation Group Limited has delivered approximately 4,000 sets of safety and critical control systems for petrochemical industry since its establishment in 1999. That help you control and protect your rotating equipment and critical process plants. We love what we do. More than 40 years of great clients, innovation, products and service.

The integrated control system of turbine & compressor can make the monitoring and control process more flexible, efficiency, high reliability and security.

The TSxPlus system provides utilities control solutions for turbine

·           speed control                               

·           extraction control                                           

·           overspeed protection                                                

·           fuel control

·           digital electric hydraulic control                                                         

·           turbine logic                                                                                               


·           surge control

·           performance control

·           load distribution

·           interaction control

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