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Beijing Consen Technologies Company Limited is a subsidiary of China Automation Group Limited, we are committed to developing high reliability safety and critical process plant control products for process industry that help you control and protect your critical equipment since its establishment in 1999.

Our company's employees, more than 80% are R & D engineers, more than 90% are masters or Ph.D. Most of our R & D team members have at least 10 years of R & D experience of industrial automation control system products (SIS, DCS, PLC, etc.). Here are some major milestones along the way:

TurboSafe—Turbine Overspeed Trip Protection

DCS100—Digital Servo Controller

TSxPlus—Safety and Critical Control System

The TSxPlus controller that is Fault-Tolerance by means of Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture, that can be used for around the world in safety critical applications, Example: ESD, BMS and FGS etc. or be used for Turbomachinery Controls. In addition to SIL3 Functional Safety Certification of German TÜV Rheinland, the TSxPlus system also is the first and only one domestic system that has the both information safety certification of German TÜV Rheinland and ISASecure ESDA, in compliance with the standards of the latest IEC62443 and ESDA standards.

Beijing Consen Technologies Company Limited will further focus on the process industrial automation, combined with our own advantages and experience, constantly enrich the product line, in order to supply better service for the global customers.

China Automation Group Limited ("China Automation Group" and its subsidiaries, collectively, the "Group") is the largest integrated solutions provider of safety and critical control systems, the largest domestic manufacturer of control valves in the petrochemical industry, engineering A-level designer and EPC general contractor. It specializes in providing safety and critical control systems, and control valves for petrochemical industry, and engineering design and EPC for petrochemical, coal liquefaction & chemical and other industries. Its major products in petrochemical industry include Emergency Shutdown Devices ("ESD"), Fire and Gas Systems ("FGS"), Integrated Turbine and Compressor Controls ("ITCC"), as well as automatic control valves. The Group has delivered approximately 4,000 sets of safety and critical control systems for petrochemical industry since its establishment in 1999. Leveraging its strong engineering capabilities and extensive sales network, the Group secured a market share of 72% in the safety and critical control market for petrochemical industry 2007 in China. The Group endeavors to become one of the key industrial automation system providers in the world. The Group also develops new market in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and already set up healthcare business in 2017.

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